What is Baltic Amber?

"Pain relief is one of the main reasons people use Baltic amber. Though the resin itself isn't a painkiller, its succinic acid is believed to have analgesic properties that take the edge off of pain. Baltic amber has been used to alleviate all types of pain, from mild to severe. People have used Baltic amber to ease carpal tunnel syndrome, lessen back pain, alleviate menstrual cramps, ease arthritis, soothe migraine headaches, and help alleviate a baby's teething pains. Baltic amber may even restore energy, strengthen the immune system and promote general wellness."--Ehow.com 

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We fell in love with Baltic Amber healing jewelry when Shelby (our older daughter) began teething. We were so tired of using over-the-counter teething remedies with little successful results, that we began to explore natural methods to relieve her pain.  We bought her an anklet and began to see results within the first day! And that was it!

We instantly noticed an improvement in Shel's mood and pain symptoms.  She was eating more regularly and needed far less medication, if any at all most days.  Falling asleep easily and staying asleep was not a problem for her when she wore her amber!!  As for me, I noticed my carpal tunnel/arm-numbness symptoms COMPLETELY relieved when I tried Baltic amber jewelry on myself.  I also experienced almost complete disappearance of my sciatic pain I had been suffering with since being pregnant.

Then we had our second daughter, Alexis. I made her an adjustable anklet which she has worn since a few hours after her birth. She has always been an easy-going baby. We never had problems with colic, sleeplessness or fussiness! When teething came along, I actually didn't know she was teething until her first tooth popped out!!! Amber has been a go-to for pain relief in our family for over 8 years now. Our personal experience is so wonderful with amber that we recommend it to everyone!

Customer Testimonials
The following are testimonials as said to us by our customers. Of course, these experiences are individual and cannot be guaranteed for everyone.

The most common testimonial we receive is when people get their new amber jewelry and wear for a long while, perhaps not even noting the changes they are experiencing. Invariably they take off their amber jewelry for some reason or another. We love to receive emails like this!

"We had the worst day yesterday (pain-wise). Baby was cranky and cried so much. And then I realized we took off the her necklace the night before! I put it back on her right away. I didn't even realize how well it was working till I took it off and OH MY GOSH! We love it! We are convinced, never will we be without amber again!!"  
"I put the necklace on Saturday night and have only taken it off to shower.  I woke up on Sunday with the usual sinus yuck and just a faint bit of a headache.  Normally, I know that kind of start is going to go badly as the day goes on and usually ends up with Excedrin Migraine.  Well, by the time we got to church, the faint headache was gone!  I didn't know it could work that fast, but I'll take it!"

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