We receive lots of questions about Baltic amber. If you have questions, please see the list of helpful questions and answers below. If you don't see the answer you are looking for, please feel free to contact us at: ChefWendyBird@yahoo.com

What is Baltic amber?
Baltic amber, is a fossilized tree resin originating from the Baltic Sea Region of Lithuania, near Russia.

How does Baltic amber work?
Baltic amber when worn against the skin, warms slightly releasing it's natural oils into the system. The therapeutic compound within the oils of Baltic amber is succinic acid (succinum) which is present in the human body naturally. Succinic acid is an all natural pain analgesic, or pain reliever. So introducing Baltic amber to the body is essentially giving your body a boost of it's own natural pain-fighting agents! While all amber contains succinic acid, only Baltic amber contains enough succinic acid to be considered therapeutic in cases of pain relief.

Where should I wear my Baltic amber jewelry on my body?

Ideally you will want to wear your Baltic Amber jewelry as close to the source of the pain you are experiencing. For example, for teething, headaches, neck and shoulder pain a necklace is ideal. While for carpal tunnel, arthritis and tendonitis a bracelet is best. Anklets are wonderful for sprains, leg cramps, and even sciatic pain.

Who can wear Baltic amber jewelry?

Baltic Amber is all natural and is safe for the whole family! Children, adults and elderly can benefit from it's all-natural pain relieving effects. Below are many of the ailments with which Baltic amber has proven to be effective:

Arthritis    Acid Reflux (GERD)    Burns    Broken bones    Carpal Tunnel    Chemotherapy    Chronic Back Pain    Chronic Fatigue    Colic    Endometriosis    Fibromyalgia    Gas (for children) Kidney Disorders    Lupus    Menstrual Cramps    Migraines    Muscular Aches and Strains    Nausea   Osteoarthritis   Pregnancy Symptoms    Rheumatoid Arthritis    Sciatic Pain    Stomach Problems and Upset    Teething Pain 

For more information about Baltic amber and Testimonials, click here!

When will my Baltic amber jewelry take effect? 
As with most natural and homeopathic treatments, the time and strength of Baltic Amber's effectiveness is different for everyone. Some people will notice slight differences almost immediately-within less than 24 hours of putting on their jewelry, pain symptoms lessen. For most it is a cumulative effect, with the easing of symptoms most often noted within 2-3 weeks of using their jewelry. NOTE: Baltic Amber is most effective when worn as much as possible. The stones need to be in contact with the skin to warm and release their oils to receive maximum therapeutic benefits.

The most common testimonial we receive is when people get their new amber jewelry and wear for a long while, perhaps not even noting the changes they are experiencing. Invariably they take off their amber jewelry for some reason or another. We love to receive emails like this, "We had the worst day yesterday (pain-wise). Little one was cranky and cried so much. And then I realized we took off the her necklace the night before! I put it back on her right away. I didn't even realize how well it was working till I took it off and OH MY GOSH! We love it! We are convinced, never will we be without amber again!!"

Who makes Funky Birdie Baltic amber jewelry?

We do!!! When you shop with Funky Birdie, you are supporting an American home-based business! All of our jewelry is genuine Baltic Amber designed and crafted by us-AMERICAN MADE!!

Is Baltic amber safe for my child?
Safety is our top priority for children's jewelry. Please reference our Safety Features for details.

What size should I order?
Please reference our Sizing Guide.

How much does Funky Birdie Baltic amber jewelry cost?

Please reference our Standard Lengths and Pricing for details. 

What colors of Baltic amber can I choose? You can choose from one single color to a graduated blend of 5 or more colors. To see the choices we are currently stocking please see our Amber Colors pictures. 

Is one color of Baltic amber more effective than another? 
No. It is a misunderstanding that lighter colors of Baltic amber are "stronger" or more effective in pain relief. The important factor in effectiveness and strength of amber's healing and pain relief is that it is Baltic amber. While all amber contains succinic acid (natural component in amber which is pain relieving) ONLY Baltic amber contains enough succinic acid to be considered therapeutic. All Funky Birdie amber is verified and tested, genuine Baltic amber, imported from Lithuania which is off the coast of the Baltic Sea near Russia. (This information was confirmed by a Lithuanian amber expert and supplier.)

What type of clasp do you recommend? 
Clasp choice is personal preference. Our standard clasp is a silver-plated spring ring clasp. If no clasp selection is noted, a silver-plated spring ring clasp will be used.

We also carry gold-tone screw clasps for adults. 

If you are looking for more of a "break-away" clasp for babies or toddlers, a magnetic clasp may be a great option for you. Also magnetic clasps are a great option for those with limited mobility and function in their fingers like arthritis patients. Magnetic Clasps: Silver Tone---add $2

Some people find the lobster clasps to be easier to put on themselves when using necklaces and bracelets. Lobster Clasps: Gold-tone, Nickel-tone, and Silver Plated

For fully adjustable anklets, we find spring rings to be the most "low profile" meaning they lay flatter and interfere least with the natural shape for the anklets. 

Polyresin clasps have gained popularity because they "match" the natural tones of amber.  Lemon, Honey, Cognac/Cherry, Green & Black---add $2 

What type of thread do you recommend? 
Our preferred thread for Baltic amber jewelry is Tuff Cord. We like it because it is stain resistant, stretch resistant and break resistant. It comes in great colors that match and compliment amber jewelry. 

What do gemstones do for Baltic amber healing jewelry? Gemstones can add a variety of healing benefits and boost the effectiveness of your Baltic amber jewelry. For details, please reference our Gemstones page. 

Can I customize my Baltic amber jewelry? 
Yes! Funky Birdie specializes in FULLY CUSTOM amber jewelry. That means you can select every facet about your jewelry including size, colors, even design layout. For more ideas about customizations, please reference our Custom Designs section or contact us at: ChefWendyBird@yahoo.com 

Can I boost the effectiveness of my Baltic amber jewelry? Yes! If you need to boost the pain-relief from your Baltic amber jewelry, you can run the jewelry under luke warm water. The heat and moisture help to activate a quicker release of the amber's natural oils containing the pain reliever, succinic acid. 

How do I order? Visit our Order Here! page and fill out the form. If you need any assistance, please feel free to ask questions in the "Additional Details" section or please feel free to email us for assistance: ChefWendyBird@yahoo.com 

How long will it take to receive my order? 
After payment has been received, please allow 3-5 business days for the creation of your jewelry. This does not include shipping time. 

How long will my amber jewelry last? 
Amber doesn't "go bad" per se, but some people do experience a lessening of effectiveness over time. We suggest trying the cleaning method above. Also be careful to avoid getting products on your amber jewelry that will coat them and inhibit the release of the amber's natural oils. For more details, please reference the How do I clean/care for my Baltic amber jewelry? section below. As amber is a soft stone, it is quite common that over time you will experience lost beads with normal wear. Funky Birdie specializes in repairing amber jewelry, so please contact us: ChefWendyBird@yahoo.com It's our pleasure to assist you in returning your favorite amber jewelry to it's original beauty! 

How do I clean/care for my Baltic amber jewelry? 
Amber is a soft stone. To clean, simply rinse in cool water and pat dry with a soft cloth. If further cleaning is needed, you can brush between the beads and around the clasps with a soft jewelry brush or cloth. Again, drying with a soft cloth once clean. Do not use harsh chemicals or jewelry cleaners/solutions. Do not store your amber jewelry along with metal jewelry as it may cause the amber beads to chip, crack and break. Remove your jewelry and/or avoid using body care products in the areas you wear your amber jewelry that will coat the jewelry, such as: hairsprays, gels, lotions, etc. These types of personal care products can not only dull the look of your amber jewelry, but also they can affect the therapeutic effectiveness by coating the stones and inhibiting the release of the amber's natural oils. It is generally ok to shower or bathe with amber jewelry on. Just keep in mind you need to avoid the jewelry coming in contact with body care products which can coat and damage the beads. It is recommended that amber jewelry be removed before swimming in chlorinated pools and spas. It is a good idea to remove jewelry any time it will be wet for long periods as it can damage the thread and clasps to soak your jewelry for long periods of time. 

How do I pay? 
Once your order is received by us, you will receive a confirmation email including your order summary with pricing & totals. After you look it over and all the order details are confirmed, we will send you a PayPal invoice. 

Do you offer Baltic amber earrings to match my other pieces? Yes! We do offer Baltic amber earrings. Currently they are only by special request. We are working on stocking more selections, coming soon! Of course, keep in mind Baltic amber only offers it's therapeutic benefits when worn next to the skin, so earrings will not offer pain relief, but they sure are pretty! 

Does Funky Birdie make non-amber jewelry? 
Yep, we sure do! We make full gemstone pieces in addition to our amber and amber/gemstone jewelry. 

Can I return/cancel my order? 
Yes. Customer service is top priority for Funky Birdie Boutique. If you aren't satisfied or need assistance with anything, please do not hesitate to contact us: ChefWendyBird@yahoo.com. For details on all of our policies, please reference our Policies and Repairs page. 

My jewelry just got here and I ordered the wrong size, what can I do? 
There are several solutions to try! 

Too short? Knotted jewelry will actually gain up to an extra 1-1 1/2 inches. How to do it? Gently pull the strand between your palms, being careful NOT to pull from the clasps. Do not pull with strong force or you may find you have given yourself too much length. Also be careful not to put excessive pressure on the individual beads. 

Too long? If your jewelry has the standard spring ring clasp or a lobster clasp, you can actually attach the clasp to the necklace itself, between the beads. Please be cautious with babies and children to observe the length of "tail" you are creating. If your child can put the necklace in their mouth, try another method to adjust length. 

Too long with a screw clasp? You can knot your jewelry to "use up" some of the excess length. A simple over-hand knot can be placed in the middle to create and interesting center piece to your necklace. Alternately, the knot can be placed next to the clasp where it will be hidden in the back of the necklace. This is the best option to shorten a necklace even with a spring ring or lobster clasp if the above method leaves a tail that reaches your child's mouth. 

Need it remade? If none of the above options is working for you, send your jewelry back to us and we will restring it for a small fee. If your piece requires more amber to add length, additional fees may apply. Please email us for details: ChefWendyBird@yahoo.com 

Help! My amber jewelry is broken, what do I do? Funky Birdie specializes in every type of amber jewelry repair-whether it is Funky Birdie or another brand! Please contact us if you are in need of repair to your jewelry: ChefWendyBird@yahoo.com 

Where can I learn more about Baltic amber healing and testimonials? 
Right here! But also feel free to step outside the Funky Birdie website and stretch your ''research legs"! Google it up!! We are not alone, LOTS of people can tell you about the benefits of Baltic amber!! We aren't making this up! This is NOT a flash-in-the-pan, kooky idea-Baltic Amber has been known as an effective and all-natural method of pain relief throughout Europe and Asia for decades, if not hundreds of years!

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