Gemstones A to Z

Abalone: Calming stone that aids in anxiety and stress related issues, arthritis/joint issues, muscular problems, heart and digestive systems, balancing the body and emotions, compromise and communication

Agate - Blue Lace: Calming stone that aids with Arthritis, Headaches (especially tension headaches), digestive issues, healing bones (i.e. breaks/fractures), joints, Colic, reducing fever, high blood pressure, Immune System issues, sore throats, Thyroid support, skin issues (especially Eczema & itching due to insect bites), Epilepsy, sleepwalking, strengthening cardiac muscles, balancing fluid around brain, appropriate growth, communication (especially stuttering, nervous speech habits & patterns, public speaking), confidence and clarity of thought, expressing emotions without getting upset 

Agate - Indian: Stone of harmony that aids in avoiding illness, tooth & gum issues, physical endurance, insomnia, stomach problems, stimulates the digestive system & relieves gastritis, beneficial for the eyes, uterus, intestines etc., and heals skin disorders and itching due to insect bites, helpful to the heart & blood vessels, curing fever, reducing symptoms of epilepsy, guarding against sleepwalking, calming, stabilizing emotions, helpful for anxiety & stress relief

Agate - Tree: (Also known as Dendritic Agate) Stabilizing stone that aids in promoting lactation, relieving post-partum depression, Back Pain (especially that related to stress) tension, fever, skin eruptions, gastritis, neuralgia, strengthening cardiac muscles, aligning and correcting blood vessels/nerves/skeletal disorders & relieving pain associated with these issues, stimulating the digestive system, creating a peaceful environment, strengthening familial connections, and overcoming traumas 

Amazonite: General good health stone that aids in Childbirth, cell regeneration, healing after illnesses/trauma/injury, relieving muscle spasms, RLS, preventing infection, soothing rashes, healing blisters, clearing up Acne, relieving pain from rheumatism, gout & Osteoarthritis, treating nervous system disorders and blockages in the flow of neural impulses, preventing hair loss/repairing brittle hair & nails, balancing metabolic processes related to calcium assimilation (i.e. resisting tooth decay and osteoporosis), lack of sexual desire/impotence, balancing emotions, soothing trauma and calming the mind

Amethyst: Protective stone that aids in general healing & cleansing, Depression & Anxiety, strengthening the Immune System, reducing pain, easing Headaches (especially related to tension), skin conditions, Pregnancy/preventing miscarriage, Arthritis, Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, cellular disorders, diseases of the digestive tract, reducing bruises & swelling, PMS/Menopause/boosting hormone production, treating hearing disorders, Asthma/healing lungs/respiratory tract, tuning the endocrine system & metabolism, Weight Loss, relieving Insomnia/bad dreams/sleep walking, helping the body to fight Cancer/destroying tumors/aiding in tissue regeneration, cleansing blood, relieving stress/irritability/anger/fear/sadness/Grief,  calming the mind, OCD, increasing focus, enhancing memory/Alzheimer's/Dementia, improving motivation, encouraging Sobriety/overcoming chemical dependency, phobias

Aquamarine:  All-purpose healing stone that aids in boosting Immunity, countering infections, sinus conditions, lung/respiratory issues, colds/bronchitis/laryngitis, sore/strep throat, swollen glands/Thyroid problems/gladular, regulating hormones & growth, alleviating hayfever & Allergies, healing of inflammatory diseases of all kinds, soothing to Eczema, hives, rosacea & Psoriasis, curing illnesses of the stomach, liver, jaws & throat, eye diseases/near & far sightedness, reducing fluid retention, maintaining eye health, treating oral afflictions, complimenting the treatment for shingles, calming & soothing nervous tension, reducing stress, imbuing with courage, soothing fears

Aventurine - Red: Stone of manifestation through action that aids in relieving eczema & fungal skin infections, strengthening blood, stimulating red blood cell production in the bone marrow and increasing blood flow & circulation, balancing auto-immune disorders and immune system in general, speeding metabolism, adjusting low blood pressure, pulse & irregular heartbeat, reducing cholesterol, relieving side effects of radiotherapy and hemophilia, benefiting liver & removing toxins, supporting reproductive system-increasing libido & fertility, bringing confidence & perseverance, encouraging positive attitude & calming nerves

Aventurine - Green: All-around healing & comforter stone that aids in Fertility, settling nausea, balancing blood pressure, stimulating the metabolism, lowering cholesterol, easing skin eruptions, Allergies & Migraines, soothing the eyes/improving eyesight-especially far-sightedness & astigmatism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, & cerebral palsy, healing the lungs, sinuses, heart, muscular & urogenital systems, recovering from surgery or illness, neutralizing electromagnetic pollution (i.e. blocking emanations from computers, television and other electronic equipment), issues of the thymus & adrenal glands & nervous system, relieves stammers & severe neuroses, removing negative emotions & thoughts and Depression 

Carnelian:  Stabilizing stone that aids in boosting Fertility & energy, stimulating sexual drive & metabolism, treating lower Back Problems, PMS/Menopause, pain associated with Pregnancy, rheumatism, Arthritis & neuralgia, regulating the kidneys/treating kidney stones, accelerating healing in bones & ligaments, reducing varicose veins, hemorrhoids & congestion, improving vitamin & mineral absorption, ensuring good blood supply to organs & tissues, increasing motivation, calming anger/negativity, treating Depression, encouraging Sobriety/overcoming chemical dependency

Chrysoprase - Lemon: (Also know as Citron) Stone of compassion that aids in speeding the healing of wounds, detoxification & liver/digestive system support, treating eating disorders, stomach upset/nausea, Insomnia, disorders of the heart & reproductive organs/PMS/cramping, increasing Fertility & dexterity, balancing hormones & body temperature, curing restlessness, assimilation of vitamin C, facilitating relaxation, healing after loss, treating Depression, soothing nightmares (especially in children)

Citrine: Success stone that aids in general health, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, PMS/cramps/Menopause, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, relieving skin irritations & Allergies, supporting heart, kidneys, liver, spleen, pancreas, bladder, eyes, muscles/tissue regeneration, endocrine system, circulatory system, urinary system, Immune System, digestion/stomach issues/constipation, removing toxins, balancing Thyroid, activating thymus, sexual/reproductive issues, boosting energy, relieving Depression, mood swings & nightmares/other sleep disturbances, overcoming trauma, grief, addictions & fears/phobias, boosting self esteem, treating bed wetting

Coral - Pink:  Stone of joy (which isn't really a stone at all, it's the skeletal remains of marine animals called coral polyps) that aids in healing the stomach/ulcers, breasts & sexual organs, regulating hormone balance, assisting with Nursing/Breast feeding, restoring balance & strength to the heart, strengthening bones, deficient nutrition & lethargy, stimulating tissue regeneration, nourishing blood cells, treating disorders of the spinal canal, alimentary canal, nervous system, & thalamus, bringing peace and quieting emotions, treating Depression, relieving Stress, accelerating the transfer of knowledge

Coral - Red: Stone of life and balance which is actually not a stone at all but fossilized remains of sea animals called coral polyps that aids in hiccups, colic, heartburn, strengthening circulatory system & bones, tissue regeneration, issues of the spinal canal, alimentary canal, nervous system & thalamus, releasing impurities from muscles, treating disorders of the kidneys, bladder & parathyroid, protecting from depression

Emerald: Cleansing stone (also called "stone of love") that aids in healing wounds, preventing infection & disease, avoiding issues during Childbirth, curing Colic, Insomnia, burns, ulcers, Headaches, tension, influenza, Epilepsy, high blood pressure, heart disorders, neuralgia, Cancer, dysentery, syphilis, nausea/vomiting/indigestion, Diabetes, rheumatism, Asthma & anemia, issues of the skeletal system, flesh/skin, cardiovascular system, adrenals, kidneys, liver & intestinal system, improving eyesight, removing fevers, improving memory, clarity of thought & intelligence

Garnet: Stone of commitment that aids in promoting good health, relieving skin conditions, Acne, Arthritis, reducing toxins in the body, keeping reproductive system healthy (for men), balancing hormones & reducing swelling (for women), boosting sex drive/Fertility & Immunity, stimulating metabolism, supporting the Thyroid, assimilating vitamins & minerals, remedying inflammatory diseases & hemorrhages of all kinds, regulating the heart/palpitations & blood (purifying & encouraging clotting), enhancing body's production of healthy hemoglobin, lung diseases, toning the spleen, treating spinal, cellular & bone disorders, regenerating DNA, enhancing strength & endurance, treating Depression, easing nightmares, lending strength during trauma & crisis

Hematite: Stone for the mind aids in restoring/strengthening/regulating blood supply/circulation & conditions such as anemia, absorption of iron, formation of red blood cells, stopping bleeding, cleansing blood, reducing cramping, Headaches, sore throats, helping to heal tumors, supporting kidneys, regenerating tissue, spinal alignment & fractures, treating leg cramps & Insomnia, stimulating concentration & focus, enhancing memory, boosting self esteem, overcoming Anxiety & Stress, will power & confidence, overcoming compulsions & Addictions (such as over eating & smoking)

Howlite: Calming stone that aids in relieving Insomnia & Stress, balancing calcium levels, strengthening teeth & bones, Arthritis, accelerating metabolism, healing various skin conditions, purifying blood, regenerating tissue, reducing pain, improving memory, facilitating learning

Iolite: Vision stone that aids in promoting detoxification, regulating digestion, promoting hair & nail growth, improving condition of the liver, reducing fatty deposits in the liver, strengthening the nerves, helping with paralysis, numb limbs & tolerating pain, healing the eyes, Headaches & Migraines, disorientation/dizziness, Meniere's disease, sore throats, varicose veins, blisters, pituitary gland, sinuses, respiratory system, malaria & fever producing diseases, killing bacteria, stimulating memory, preventing Insomnia, Nightmares & sleep disturbances, overcoming addictions/maintaining Sobriety

Jade: Cleansing stone that enhances the body’s filtrations systems, treats the kidneys, spleen, adrenal glands, heart & stomach, aids in removing toxins, balancing fluids, joint pain, healing bones & cellular structures, cramping, reproductive disorders, assistance during childbirth, breastfeeding, eating disorders, bedwetting

Jasper - Poppy: (Also known as Brecciated Jasper) Grounding stone that aids in promoting health, healing & recovery from illness, supporting kidneys, spleen, bladder, liver, stomach, sense of smell, nervous system, relieving Allergies, balances regulation of vitamins & minerals, increasing physical endurance, helping feeling overwhelmed, enhancing organizational & creative abilities

Jasper - Red: Protection stone that aids in detoxifying circulatory system/heart/blood, liver, kidneys/Diabetes, promoting sense of smell, physical energy, neutralizing radiation, easing emotional stress, inspiring a positive joyful attitude

Kona Dolomite: Stone of self realization that aids in stabilizing health especially blood/heart/circulation, easing cramps/PMS, Insomnia, problems of the reproductive/urogenital system & adrenals, strengthening bones/teeth & muscles and hair/nails, increasing stamina, oxygenation of lungs, metabolism of calcium & magnesium, easing Grief , Depression & Anxiety and bringing optimism

Kyanite - Blue: Communication stone that aids in natural pain relief, treating the urogenital system, adrenal glands, parathyroid, disorders of the throat, brain and muscular systems, helps heal infections, & lower blood pressure, aids in pubic speaking, repairing relationships and working through disagreements, breaking self destructive cycles, helps with memory recall, helps children who have trouble integrating with others

Labradorite: Stone of transformation aids in alleviating bone issues, Arthritis, spinal column disorders, easing pain, regulating metabolism/aiding digestion, balancing hormones, relieving menstrual tension, treating disorders of the eyes, brain, colds, gout, rheumatism, lowering blood pressure, stimulating mental acuity, banishing fear & insecurities, calming over active mind, relieving Anxiety & Stress

Lapis Lazuli: Stone of protection that aids in boosting the Immune System, skin problems & insect bites, menstrual irregularities/cramps, purifying the blood, lowering blood pressure, soothing inflammation & pain, Migraine headaches, alleviating Insomnia & vertigo, benefiting the respiratory & nervous system, throat/vocal chords & Thyroid, overcoming hearing loss & problems with ears & nasal passages, healing cataracts, cleansing organs, bone marrow & thymus, overcoming Depression, releasing Stress, helping with Attention Deficit Disorder, Asperger's & Autism

Lava: (Also known as Basalt) Stone of courage & strength that aids in Fertility, improving circulation, joint problems, bringing stability during times of change in life, dissipating anger, Stress & indecision

Lepidolite - Pink: Stone of transition that aids in strengthening Immune System, relieving exhaustion & Allergies, helping with Epilepsy & Alzheimer's, numbing Sciatica & neuralgia, overcoming joint problems, stabilizing mood swings/Menopause/PMS, detoxifying the skin, restructuring DNA, reducing Anxiety, Stress, Depression & Bipolar Disorder, releasing Addictions (medications/alcohol/tobacco/food) & eating disorders

Malachite: Protector of children and travelers stone that aids in boosting the Immune System & nervous system, combating mood swings, cramps, PMS, Menopause, dyslexia, lowering blood pressure, treating Asthma, Arthritis/swollen joints & fractures, Epilepsy, Cancer/tumors/growths, motion sickness/vertigo, pancreas, spleen, Thyroid, stimulating the liver to release toxins, guarding against radiation & electromagnetic pollution, ridding Nightmares, developing empathy for others, processing/absorbing information, releasing old traumas

Moonstone: Stone of new beginnings that aids in the digestive system, assimilating nutrients, eliminating toxins & fluid retention, alleviating conditions of the skin, hair, eyes, fleshy organs like the liver & pancreas, stimulating the pineal gland, balancing hormones, fluid retention, PMS, Fertility, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Breastfeeding, & Menopause, treating Insomnia, creating peaceful dreams, soothing Stress & lending calmness

Obsidian: Strongly protective stone that aids in natural pain relief, digestion, detoxification, circulation, Arthritis/joint pain, cramps, reducing food cravings, removing Stress & tension, improving vision, increasing self control, protecting against Depression, helping during times of Grief, dealing with phobias

Onyx: Stone of strength aids in treating bone/bone marrow diseases, teeth, feet & blood problems, soft tissue disorders, Epilepsy, glaucoma, increasing strength, stamina & self control, reduction of sexual desires, alleviating worry/nervousness, Nightmares, tension/mental & physical Stress, bereavement, fears & confusion

Opal - Pink Peruvian: (Also known as Pink Andean Opal & Pink Peru Opal)  Stimulating stone that aids in relieving Headaches, regulating metabolism, stimulation the glands, blood disorders & heart disease, muscle tension, spinal disorders, Menopause, eye sight, Parkinson's Disease, lungs, spleen, Diabetes, skin soothing, mood elevation, resolution of painful memories, bringing about pleasant dreams

Opal - Rainbow: (Also known as Fire Opal & White Opal) Stone of personal power that aids in supporting issues of the abdomen & lower back, healing diseases of the eyes, intestines, kidneys & adrenals, stimulating the sexual organs, alleviating food-related disorders, easing fatigue, memory difficulties, curing depression, soothing nerves, letting go of the past

Opal - Yellow: Uplifting stone of comfort that aids in fighting infections/fevers & strengthening the Immune System, issues of the heart, glands, metabolism, treating gallstones and kidney stones, Parkinson's Disease, Diabetes, issues of pain & discomfort in babies/Colic easing PMS & pain in Childbirth, reinforcing positive emotions

Pearl: Stone of sincerity that aids in treating digestive disorders, soft organs, relieving bloating, boosting Fertility, easing Childbirth, stabilizing hormone production, Headaches & Migraines, Allergies, stomach aches, colds/bronchitis & lung infections, reducing Stress, helping Fatigue, focusing Attention, inhibiting boisterous behavior

Peridot: (Also known as Olivine) Cleansing stone aids with boosting the Immune System, diseases of the liver, difficulties with digestion, detoxification, problems of the kidneys, bladder, gallbladder, stomach, spleen, heart, lungs, thymus, intestines, eyes, ulcers, constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, healing insect bites, tissue regeneration, strengthening the metabolism, benefiting the skin & healing skin diseases, Childbirth by strengthening the muscle contractions while lessening the pain, difficulties with the adrenal and endocrine systems, easing Insomnia, banishing lethargy, ridding Depression & bipolar disorder, clearing away obsessions, phobias & hypochondria, reducing Stress

Phosphosiderite: Calming stone that aids in stomach ailments, thyroid & adrenal support, cardiac & respiratory issues, issues related to aging, reprograming & regenerating cells, revitalizing brain & motor functions, increasing mental power & intellectual abilities, stress relief, troublesome sleep, reducing anger

Prehnite: Healing stone that aids in detoxing, healing the kidneys, bladder, thymus gland, shoulders, chest, lymphatic system and lungs, strengthening the immune system, improving the metabolism, treating gout and blood disorders like anemia, high blood pressure, repairing connective tissues, stabilizing malignancies, remembering your dreams

Quartz - Cherry: Stone of energy & powerful healing that aids in sexual issues related to tension, respiratory difficulties, cold, flu & infections, burns, regeneration of cells, depression, relief from anxiety, concentration, studying & exams

Quartz - Clear: (Also known as Rock Crystal & Crystal Quartz) Power stone known as the "master healer" that aids in healing of all types, drawing out pain, strengthening all body systems, stimulating the Immune System & circulatory system, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/exhaustion, Arthritis, bone injuries, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, intestinal troubles, Migraines, vertigo/motion sickness, metabolism/Weight Loss, digestive disorders, issues of the kidneys, bladder, burns & skin disorders, boosting Fertility, neutralizing radiation & petrochemical emanations, Depression, concentration, studying & retaining learned information, dealing with the loss of a loved one

Quartz - Rose: Stone of love that aids in soothing skin with issues such as blisters, burns, reducing scarring, wrinkles and promoting clear complexion, supporting the female reproductive system, especially Fertility, protection against miscarriage, Post-partum Depression & healing after birth, stimulating proper function of heart & circulatory system (ideal for babies/children with heart disease), healing the kidneys, adrenals, thymus, lungs/chest problems, vertigo, Headaches & Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Weight Loss, sinus problems, ear aches, reducing blood pressure, supporting those with Leukemia, promoting the release of impurities in the body, relieving Stress & tension, comforting during times of Grief, Depression, Addiction

Quartz - Snow: (Also known as Milky Quartz) “Master healer" stone that aids with heartburn, skin burns, immune boosting, kidney & thyroid support, vertigo, mental clarity/memory

Quartz - Smokey: Protective, grounding stone that aids in improving general health, alleviating fatigue, problems associated with the kidneys, abdomen, pancreas, hips/legs, reproductive organs/menstrual cramps/Fertility, treating symptoms that arise from chemotherapy, removing toxins from the body, strengthening the back, easing muscular spasms, relieving Headaches, helping to support adrenals, regulating bodily fluids/alleviating fluid retention, Insomnia & Nightmares, hyperactivity, and Attention Deficit Disorder, fostering cooperation in groups, elevating moods by relieving Depression, Stress & Grief

Serpentine: Stone of meditation that aids in hypoglycemia, diabetes/kidney, stomach/bowel ailments, heart & lung issues, menstrual cramps, detoxifying the body, absorption of nutrients & oxygen, regulating milk flow for breastfeeding mothers, emotional imbalances, relieving stress

Sodalite: Stone of athletics that aids with breastfeeding, thyroid function, losing weight, lowering blood pressure, reducing fevers, soothing sore throats, treating digestive disorders, boosting immune system, relieving insomnia, balancing emotions, calming panic attacks, helping with communication-giving confidence to speak more, stimulating endurance, mental clarity, peaceful harmonizing properties

Sunstone: Stone of abundance aids in re-energizing the body, increasing metabolism, relieving cartilage & spinal problems, rheumatism, general aches & pains, treating osteoarthritis, cramps, fever, treating sore throats, easing ulcers, lifting depression & Seasonal Affective Disorder, chasing away nightmares, relieving stress

Tanzanite: Stone of transmutation aids in recovery from severe illness, strengthening the Immune System, detoxification, regenerating cells/skin/hair, treating the heart, spleen, pancreas, lungs, head/Headaches, throat & chest, stimulating Fertility & healing diseases of the ovaries & testicles, relieving high blood pressure, neutralizing over-acidification, reducing inflammation, dispelling lethargy, overcoming Stress, nervous tension & alcoholism

Tiger's Eye: Stone of protection aids in treating the throat, reproductive organs, eye disorders, releasing toxins, alleviating pain, spinal alignment, focusing the mind/mental clarity, dispelling Anxiety & Stress

Topaz - Blue: Often called the “writer's stone" this is a stone of communication that also aids in gout, blood disorders, tissue regeneration, reversing aging, digestion, combating eating disorders poor appetite, fortifying the nerves and stimulating the metabolism-often used for weight loss, strengthening thyroid, calming & soothing it releases tension and induces relaxation, aids in problem solving & self control and stabilizing emotions

Tourmaline - Black: (Also known as Schrol) Protective stone that aids in strengthening the immune system, heart & adrenal glands, stimulating the reflex points associated with the lower back, legs, ankles & feet, realigning the spine, pain relief from strained or torn muscles, numbness, arthritis and scar tissue, beneficial for constipation, IBS and disease of digestive tract and colon, helps rid the body of heavy metals and toxins, treating paranoia and dyslexia

Tourmaline - Watermelon: Stone of unconditional love aids in enhancing healing, alleviating pain, protecting nerve cells, strengthening the Immune System, relieving Chronic Fatigue & exhaustion, helping with issues of the eyes, thymus, ductless glands, intestines/chronic bowel disease, Weight Loss, Insomnia, Diabetes, detoxifying, dyslexia & hand-eye coordination, stimulating proper cell function & regeneration (making it very helpful with Cancer and cell growth imbalances), encouraging a calm, centered mind, lessening Depression & Anxiety, panic attacks, claustrophobia, hyperactive children, paranoia

Turquoise: Strengthening & purification stone that aids in enhancing Immune System, tissue regeneration, assimilation of nutrients, detoxifying, anti-inflammation, reducing excess acidity, gout, rheumatism, cramps, healing the stomach, brain, eyes/cataracts, ears, neck/throat, exhaustion, Headaches, respiratory system, Allergies, Depression, Anxiety/panic attacks, stabilizing mood swings, speech disorders

Unakite: Grounding stone aids in healthier organs, muscles & soft tissues, healing after major illness, benefiting the female reproductive system/Fertility/PMS/Menopause/PCOS, safety of Pregnancy & healthy growth of infant in utero, growth of skin tissue & hair, letting go of emotional trauma, centering oneself

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