Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Which clasp should I choose for my amber jewelry?

We offer three clasp options for your child or adult size jewelry! When you consider safety and functionality, which one is right for you and your kids? Keep reading to find out.

STERLING SILVER CLASP: Funky Birdie Amber jewelry comes standard with a sterling silver spring ring clasp. Yes, even on pieces for children! Why are these sterling silver closures our favorite? Not only are they made with .925 sterling silver (great for those with sensitive skin), each piece made with a silver clasp has multiple safety breakaway points - both at the spring ring clasp itself as well as the "clamshell" findings on either side. Durable enough for every day use, when the piece is pulled on hard or yanked with force, the clasp or the clamshells will give way - just as it's intended to do. Your sterling silver clasp piece will require repair if break-away is used. We love this type of clasp for ALL ages!

SCREW CLASP: We also offer plastic screw clasps in colors to coordinate with your amber jewelry. Screw type clasps are the most difficult to break-away, meaning it will require a LOT of force to give way in the unlikely case of an emergency situation. For this reason, we don't recommend them on necklaces for very young children. We like plastic screw clasps for child's bracelets and anklets, as well as adult jewelry. 

POP CLASP: These clasps have the same look as screw clasps, but breakaway MUCH more easily than screw, or even sterling silver clasps. On the plus side, utilizing the break-away feature won't result in actual breakage of the piece, but does mean it's more likely to be removed by your child or lost. We like this option best for very young children. 

With brand new made-to-order options in Funky Birdie Amber shop, and our endless custom jewelry design options, you'll now be able to choose the correct closure that works for you.

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